Facts and ordering information for meat . . .


We currently have vac-packed, frozen, whole birds in our retail freezers. Contact us to arrange to stop by to pick up some for your freezer or to be added to our Chicken email list to be notified next time there will be fresh birds to distribute.


We raise turkeys each year in time for Thanksgiving, and our customers rave about the flavor and juiciness of these birds! We raise a white broad-breasted bird, and they can range from about 15# to 30#. Check with us for current pricing and to be added to the turkey ordering email notification list.



We raise Berkshire hogs, known for their tenderness, flavor, and juiciness. For half and whole hog orders, we take hogs to the processor at a minimum of 250# live weight, giving about 185# of meat after processing. Check with us for current pricing.

We also have retail pork (frozen) available on the farm. Download the price list here, and be sure to call to check on availability of cuts and to plan a pickup date/time.



We no longer raise lamb, as we sold  off our breeding herd. I will post here if we can acquire feeder lambs to raise using our feeding standards, and will take orders.

To verify costs and shipping needs before sending a check, we should communicate by e-mail.

Let us know if you'd like more info! Order sheets available:

Pork Order Form


  If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view a PDF file, you can download it now by clicking on the icon at left.

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